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Hartswell is a firm believer in the true power of relationships.

For this reason we offer a number of opportunities through which you may be able to ‘piggy back’ off our results to potentially advance your own business. We offer you the opportunity to distribute our services to people you know in return for receiving a remuneration as an introducing partner.

All our introducing programs are based on the principal of mutually beneficial arrangements and we carefully handpick the people we work with due to the type of product we offer.

Our introducing partner program is not open to everyone simply because not everyone will have the necessary skill set to promote our services in the manner required for a service of this nature. However we believe there are people who will share the same goal and vision we have of providing investors with a fully regulated managed discretionary account service.

If this is you we want to hear from you. If you are looking to grow a long term and potentially lucrative business and have a desire to be successful you could be perfectly suited for joining our program. We get paid on our performance and therefore are able to offer unique and individually tailored opportunities for all types of people where we can offer you a % of the fees we receive. The percentages available vary dependent upon your background and current business.

All our partner opportunities can be customised to suit specific situations and therefore we invite you to browse our website and put forward any ideas you have for working with us. Interested parties are urged to contact us with your proposal to get started.

We know from experience that one of the first questions you get asked when talking about our services to potential clients, is HOW MUCH HAVE YOU DEPOSITED? Therefore we recommend you see the potential results for yourself and gain a full understanding in the service you will be promoting as this would put you in good stead to talk about the service confidently.

Each partner we work with is carefully assessed and if chosen you will gain access to your very own marketing manager who will work with you constantly to assist you in promoting this service to people you know and your marketing contacts. Hartswell is NOT a multi level marketing business, nor is it an affiliate program that everyone can join. This is an opportunity for a select few with the potential to build a long-term lucrative business in a regulated and compliant environment.

If you believe there is a synergy between your skill set and what we offer contact us below to discuss the opportunities further.

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No fees to join or exit the investment. You receive 70% of all profits made on your account.

Millions have been deposited into the Hartswell trading stratgies

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