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MP-1 Results

Check out the performance of the MP-1 portfolio below.

To access MP-1 the minimum deposit is £100,000 compared with MP-Z which only requires £5,000

MP-1 looks to recognise naturally evolving price movements which are present in most market conditions, whether that is volatile, nonvolatile or trending. MP-1 is primarily based on a range of strategies where volatility exists in multiple currencies, with this comes very strict parameters to control our risk with respect to maximum allowed leverage, trades, closures, break even levels, in which works well when a strong trend is evident, to compensate for periods of non-volatility. MP-1 uses strategies with less weight such as reversion, and scalping thus enabling MP-1 to aim to maintain a respectable drawdown down during all market conditions. MP-1 trades on Major FX pairs and cross pairs of the G10 currencies.

Hartswell can provide you with daily trading reports of the current performance statistics on the MP-1 strategy.

This includes:

  • An up to the minute report of how the strategy is performing.
  • A historical report that details all trades executed on the strategy to verify its performance.

To request a copy of the latest regulated performance reports please enter your details below.

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