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Here at Equitimax we currently have 2 strategies available for investors. They are called Equitimax Castle and Equitimax Oyster

As an investor you can choose to have both trading strategies deployed onto you account at the same time.

You only need one trading account with one deposit made because both strategies can be placed upon your account at once. This allows investors to access the combined performance of the strategies.

Below are the latest monthly results documents for both the Castle and Oyster strategies. Please note the results documents have not been produced by Equitimax, they have been produced by 4X Asset Management.

4X Asset Management is an appointed representative of Stargate Capital Management, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No.191763.

The Equitimax strategies have been licensed to 4X Asset Management and 4X Asset Management confirm the results published within this document represent the current position of what the strategy has achieved.

At the end of the results document you will see a projection table. The projection table outlines the anticipated end account gross balance before 30% performance fee for this monthly period.

If you are looking to have both strategies deployed onto your account at once please combine the figures from the projection tables to get an anticipated balance.

February 2017 Results

View Equitimax Castle February 2017 Performance Results

View Equitimax Oyster February 2017 Performance Results

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